About Circuit Breaker Professionals

Circuit Breaker Professionals is a female owned business located in Cleveland, OH.  We specialize in locating low and medium voltage air circuit breakers, switchgear and parts.  What makes our service valuable is our knowledge and expertise on this equipment.  Ordering circuit breakers from a model number alone is impossible because there are many variations, each with unique components.  Circuit Breaker Professionals will help you identify your equipment so that you feel confident you are ordering an exact match to your need.

Why Choose Us?

    We can help you when:
  • You need equipment that the OEMs no longer manufacture.
  • You do not have a part number for the items you need.
  • All you have is a photo of what you need.
  • All you have is the circuit breaker model number and you don't even know what unique characteristics to look for.

About The Owner

Kristen Habeeb has worked in the electrical equipment industry since 1996.  Her extensive background in the different types of power circuit breakers has made her a valuable asset to many of her end user customers.  Kristen is affiliated with multiple trade organizations, including a seat on the board of directors and term as president with the Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers league (specializing in reconditioned electrical equipment).  She has spoken on the topic of reconditioned circuit breakers at the annual Finepoint Circuit Breaker Maintenance conference as well as at the annual PEARL and NETA conferences.  In addition, Kristen has led training classes for electrical contractors who require additional knowledge on power circuit breakers.